When releasing an app to the Mac App store, it must be in an App Sandbox.

One requirement of being in an app in a sandbox (among many others) is that your users must explicitly grant access to file system locations.

As you will see, this is very easy to achieve.

However, a slightly trickier part is being able to repeatedly access these locations on behalf of the user when the app relaunches, without having to ask the user again.

This of course is a common app requirement. For example, during app setup you might ask the user for a…

I’m creating an app for macOS that needs to open exclusive access to USB HID devices, by seizing their input — a feature provided by IOKit. However, I soon learned that seizing is an operation that only a root user can do in macOS.

But my app doesn’t require elevated permissions in any other circumstances, nor should it…

macOS is not designed to have general applications run as the root user. This would be viewed as a security risk by Apple’s engineers. Source

Enter the daemon

The most common method of running code as the root user (outside of installers that request elevated…

QMK is a very powerful open source keyboard firmware that gives you complete control over what the keys on your keyboard do. It adds numerous new features to traditional keyboard firmware that can improve efficiency, productivity, and the overall ergonomic situation of your typing setup.

Whilst it’s not without it’s learning curve, the amount of keystrokes, awkward finger positioning/combinations and mouse movement it can potentially save you over a career is tremendous.

But QMK is, at least in my own findings, only really available in mechanical keyboards that you either build yourself or buy off shelf.

I’ve been using a…

Chris Paynter

Software architect/engineer. Technology enthusiast. Australia born, Finland based. Maker and owner at Solanne Technology — solanne.io

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